Good News About Happiness

Feeling the blues from all the rain we’ve had this past week? Otherwise looking for some cheery news? Looking for a good read this weekend?

There’s a great article in Men’s Health magazine that you must read.

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Surviving (Tolerating, Accepting, and Eluding) Negative People, Places, and Situations

Bob Sutton, creator of the No Asshole Rule, posted Wednesday 8 suggestions for “enduring and triumphing against abusive bosses and co-workers” titled Latest Tips for Surviving Workplace Assholes.

Negative people, places, and situations can have a detrimental effect on your life. Similarly to seemingly insurmountable workplace obstacles and situations, in the form of people and situations, there are no instant fixes for these sorts of problems in our private lives, either.

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Returning from Vacation? Some Great Advice for Everyday from Penelope Trunk

Imagine my surprise when I picked up a copy on My Midwest Magazine, the in-flight monthly of Midwest Airlines, to find an article titled Smooth Landing quoting the Brazen Careerist Penelope Trunk.

Why was I taken aback? I’m a Penelope Trunk reader, after all. I shouldn’t have been caught unaware, as she’s featured in many publications and sites. What struck me was the topic: Getting back to work after your vacation is over.

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Happy Therapy

The Dalai Lama, after many years of studying humankind and trying to reach enlightenment, stated that: “Happiness is the purpose of our lives.”  There is

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