Here’s a Quick Way to Discover Your Passions (and have some fun at the same time)

Passion is about discovering what you like along with what you don’t like.  Stimulate you five senses in order to invoke passion, and here are some of the things that you can do: listen, watch, taste and smell, touch, shop, browse, give.  Figure out what you are passionate about for yourself, explore and live your life.

Life can be about passion. It’s about discovering what you like, as well as what you don’t like. You can passionately love something while at the same time hating something else.

Find out what excites, motivates, inspires, and pleases you, as well as what doesn’t.


Start from the simple by keying on stimulating your five senses and move to the more complex. Here’s a list to get you started:

1. LISTEN – Go to a concert, turn on the radio, pull out those old CDs, a or delve into your iPod. Find the sounds that trip your trigger.

2. WATCH – A movie or theatrical production to enlighten your dreams and desires.

3. TASTE and SMELL – Give your taste buds and nose a treat. Go try a new restaurant and/or type of food.

4. TOUCH – create something with your hands and your mind. Not an artist, you say? Write about something. You’ve got it in you.

5. SHOP – You don’t have to buy anything. Get out there and people watch and pay attention to the sights and sounds that give you pleasure.

6. BROWSE – Check out an art fair or visit a local studio. Pay attention to what stirs emotion within you.

7. GIVE – give of yourself and your stuff. Donate the things you don’t need anymore or get involved in a good cause.

The secret to life is figuring it out for yourself and yourself alone.

Don’t go through life blindfolded. Go on out there and explore and experience life – your life.

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