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Family Friendly Workplaces for Fathers

If you are a father looking for a family friendly workplace here is a list of places available to look for resources.

Fact: When we talk about “family friendly” companies, we’re usually thinking about working mothers, not working fathers.

Family friendly workplaces are usually characterized by discussions surrounding flexible hours, telecommuting, time off and leaves, child care support and assistance, and company culture – and company culture involves all of the aforementioned.There is support out there for fathers as well as mothers, but the resources available for fathers are often harder to find. If you’re a father trying to find quality time with your family, here are some places you can visit:

The National Fatherhood Initiative – resources for fathers, families, and employers.
Radio Dad – daily radio show about fatherhood.
Fatherville – encouraging men to become actively engaged in lives of children.
ThirdPath Institute – helping people lead meaningful, balanced, intentional lives.
The National Center for Fathering – great work-family articles for fathers.

If you have made the decision to establish quality time with your family, please join the Father’s Group where we can discuss work-family issues as they affect all of us in a safe environment.

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