Occasional Abundance?

From my article The Beauty of Occasional Abundance at Pick The Brain: “Depending upon our life experiences, each one of us has a different definition

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Flowing With Change

Change can be tough to deal with. Humans evolved with a natural dislike of change, since change usually involves being at a disadvantage until the

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Letting Go of Negative Thinking and Fear

I know a few people for whom everything has to be a problem. If they get a promotion, they’re worried about whether they can do the work. They’ll probably end up getting fired, they say. They shouldn’t have taken the promotion.

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Life Is Difficult and _________.

M. Scott Peck’s book The Road Less Traveled was very successful, selling steadily for year after year. Many people loved the book, many hated it but read the whole thing anyway. Most loved it.

But I wonder how many of us really accept Dr. Peck’s premise, “Life is difficult.” As Dr. Peck said, basically that’s the thing. Life is difficult. Not “life is difficult because…” Not “life is difficult but…”

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Do You Know How To Harness Your Anxiety?

In the early days of working less, I would go into anxiety overload and sometimes not be able to accomplish anything because I was so anxious about being able to complete everything. Needless to say, this did not work out all that well.

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