Need a Break? Do as Badgers Fans Do and JUMP AROUND

We all know that it’s sometimes a good idea to clear our heads during our increasingly-busy days by looking up from our desks and taking a break – going for a walk, sitting in a quiet place, or even logging into Facebook. Taking our minds off the tasks, challenges, and obstacles before us often is exactly what we need to refocus our energies.

I was watching the Wisconsin Badgers game this past Saturday, and it occurred to me that the students who attend the home football games are experts at taking a break. They’ve instituted a tradition whereby they rise to their feet at the end of the third quarter and ‘Jump Around’ to House of Pain’s song of that name.

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Being Who You Are and Who You Want to Be

A wonderful woman I’m familiar with is the absolute essence of New York Society – except that she has spent her entire life living in the South.

But I also find it interesting that someone who so clearly loves both New York, with its theatre scene, and Arkansas, where she has lived most of her life excluding graduate school, has found a balance between the two.

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Experiencing Life: I’m a Rubbernecker

Have you ever driven past an accident scene and craned your neck to see what happened? In life, I’m a rubbernecker. I want to know and do everything. I want to be as informed and active in life as possible.

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New Perspective: How About A New Pair of Glasses for Everyone!

If you wear glasses or contacts, or if you’ve ever seen someone put on a new pair of glasses, you understand that when you don new glasses, the world looks fresh and new. You notice things you’ve never seen before, and even though you may see flaws like dirty windows or cracks in the sidewalk, you are so excited just to see everything that you don’t even notice these imperfections.

Putting on new glasses gives you an automatic positive outlook. You may not have ever thought about it like that, but isn’t it true? Don’t you feel better about everything, all the time, for quite a while after putting on new glasses?

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Use Diagonal Thinking to Resolve Challenges and Obstacles in Your Life

If you’re used to thinking in straight lines (linear thinking), as in having your thoughts and mind go from point A to point B, you may get frustrated when you try to think “in curves,” or think “fuzzy” and expand your thoughts to cover areas that don’t really fit. If you do, you’ve engaged in what’s commonly known as thinking inside the box.

Or maybe you’re a lateral thinker. If you are, the thought process you engage in is one whereby you endeavor to resolve dilemmas by using unconventional methods to generate unique concepts, perceptions, and ideas. You’d then be engaging in outside-of-the-box thinking.

A different approach to this is to try thinking diagonally.

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Today is World Sauntering Day

I am reminded by the folks over at Freakonomics (thanks Melissa Lafsky) that today is World Sauntering Day.

Yes, it’s one of those freaky (no pun intended) American holidays that originated in the 1970s when W.T. Rabe, a one-time publicist in Detroit, a director of public relations at Lake Superior State University, and manager of a hotel in Mackinac Island, Michigan, created a publicity stunt to encourage visitors and resident of tthe island to saunter, and to enjoy the beauty around them. If you’ve ever been to Mackinac Island, you can see why Rabe’s campaign was so successful.

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Free Teleseminar Reveals Secrets to a More Fulfilling, Joyful and Stress-Free Life

I will present present Slow Down FAST – 5 Secrets to Success: How to Begin Living YOUR Life YOUR Way in a groundbreaking FREE teleseminar event on Tuesday evening, September 11th.

According to a recent study of 1,148 adults nearly two thirds of parents say they don’t spend enough time with their children, while half say they must make their job a top priority – even if it affects their family life.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

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New eBook by Recovered Workaholic Helps People Reclaim the Perfect Balance Between Work and Family and Re-Capture Lost Feelings of Inner Happiness

David B. Bohl used to work 100 hours a week. His family took a backseat to his fast-moving, high-paying career, and he eventually paid the price in the form of exhaustion, stress and a non-existent family life. Bohl has since recovered from this work fanatic, pressure cooker life and has done a complete 180. He now focuses completely on his values, beliefs and ideals, and as a result enjoys total life balance between work and family, and coaches people on how to do the same.

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How Does Your Firm’s Work-Life Culture Compare?

Many companies today have recognized their employees’ needs to balance their personal and work lives.

Many employers have responded by creating initiatives that support this awareness by not only offering time off and leaves, as well as child care support and assistance, but making it known that utilizing this time will in no way jeopardize one’s standing at one’s firm.

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Discovering Your Passion and Calling

Evan Carmichael wrote in a recent Youngentrepreneur blog post titled “How To Find Your Calling” and posed the following question: “So how do you find your calling and get into something you stick with?”

Evan referenced a Fast Company article that suggested three steps:

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