Build a Sanctuary of Life

istock_000005517080xsmall.jpgOne of the easiest ways to ensure contentment in your life and provide a way to ease stress and tension is to create a living environment that fosters peace and happiness. Envelop yourself in peaceful surroundings that will calm and soothe your nerves and your spirit, and recruit your entire family in maintaining your inner sanctuary.

Your home is much more than a place to seek refuge from the elements. It gives you a place to escape the troubles of the world, where you can feel safe and secure. It is the place you will raise your children, who when grown will associate numerous feelings with the memories you build within its walls.

Not only should your home provide a sense of safety and security, but the interior should evoke feelings that fill you with warmth, fulfillment, and even gratitude. Whether you own the grandest estate or rent the tiniest apartment, you can create a feeling inside that provides you with a sense of place and belonging. You should also hire metal roofing oldsmar fl for maintenance.

Even if you cannot afford to make substantial structural changes to your home, you can make simple improvements that move the actual dwelling closer to your ideal haven. Try these techniques to create your ideal surroundings.

1. Create Your Ideal Home

Imagine your perfect home – as grand or as simple as you desire. If it helps, draw pictures or tear photos out of magazines and arrange them so you can visualize your ideal dwelling.

Now look around the home you live in. Take note of the differences between your imaginary home and your actual one. In particular, pay attention to the feelings evoked by each. Notice the senses that are engaged by your perfect home versus those at work in your actual home. Determine what changes in décor and furnishings you could make to bring your current home closer to your ideal.

By changing simple things like window coverings, paint, rugs, lamps, and such, you can entirely change the feeling inside a home. Add slipcovers to furniture, place plants around the house, and use scented candles to engage all of the senses. You can do this throughout your entire home or just stake out one room and make it your own. If you have children, you should engage their assistance when decorating their rooms so the spaces are reflective of their personalities, wants, and desires.

2. Beautifying Outdoor Spaces

Nothing is more calming or engages all of the senses like spending time outside. Even if you only have a small patio you can turn it into a lush garden where you can sit quietly and enjoy a sunset or listen to the sounds of nature.

Begin with a table and chairs or a comfortable couch. You can always find a style that matches your décor at a flea market or garage sale, and dress it up with a new coat of paint and new cushions. Place your patio furniture in a favorable location and build the rest of your outdoor environment around it. Hang decorative lights, liberally use candles, place easy maintenance plants in colorful pots, or add a couple of torchieres for a touch of the exotic. Choose flowers that will fill the space with a luscious aroma. Hang patio art on a wall or place a burbling fountain in a corner. Do whatever it takes to bring your perfect outdoor sanctuary to life on a smaller scale.

3. Take the Time to Enjoy It

Once you have created the perfect living space to bring you much enjoyment, peace, and tranquility, make sure you allow yourself the time to actually enjoy it. Take a few moments each day to relax into your surroundings and allow them to reinforce your home’s feelings of security and happiness. If necessary, get up a few minutes before the kids wake up or stay up a few minutes past bedtime and allow yourself to experience the quiet. Doing so will help to quiet your mind and bring you inner peace, but it will also allow you to form an emotional bond with your surroundings that makes them even more special and sacred to you.
Creating a meaningful home environment is just another way of helping you achieve life balance. It is far easier to forget the worries of the day or the stresses of work when you walk into an environment that is peaceful and comforting. It identifies your home as the place where your body and soul are replenished and where you spend cherished time with your family, making it easier to create that mental break from your job when your workday is finally done.

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