Are You Too Comfortable in Your Job?

sleeping.jpgComplacency in the Workplace and How to Fight It

by David Bohl

When you visit the same place at the same time for forty hours a week, complacency can slowly creep in. Complacency in the workplace is difficult to handle because, while you may feel comfortable and secure in your position, someone else could be waiting in the wings to dethrone you.

Even if you know there is no competition for your job, complacency can eventually lead to lack of motivation and maybe even laziness. Read on to determine if you may be too comfortable in your job and find out ways to get your groove back.

Have you ever heard the saying, “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? Appearance plays a bigger role than you may think in the way you are perceived. Many businesses have shifted towards a more relaxed dress code, and “casual Friday” has turned into “casual Monday through Friday.”

However, despite your workplace’s dress code or lack thereof, you should always make a conscious effort to ensure that your choice of clothing, hairstyle, and grooming habits reflect the image you want to project, if you love curly hair than go for it, don’t try to stick to something you don’t feel comfortable with. If you come to work in jeans and t-shirts from T-Shirt Box Cheltenham and expect to be promoted to a supervisory position, you may want to think again. No matter how comfortable you feel with your coworkers and superiors, don’t let your physical appearance at the office fall by the wayside.

More importantly than the way you look, though, is your job performance. If you are too secure in your workplace niche, you most likely have no ambition to go above and beyond what is asked of you. You manage the hand you are dealt and are hesitant or possibly even unwilling to take on anything extra. While fulfilling your job requirements and doing them well is certainly admirable, employees who only do the bare minimum are rarely the ones who quickly advance up the corporate ladder.

What’s even more worrying is that if the economy’s downward trend happens to have an effect on your company’s profits and there is a need to make cuts, the first employees to be let go may be those who do not bring anything extra to the table. Careers are all about contributing to your company’s success while showing off your talents and reaching your maximum potential as an employee, so becoming too relaxed can be a real threat to both cases.

So, what should you do if you exhibit some of the dangerous signs of workplace complacency? Curing complacency is not as complicated as it may sound. Think of your job as a marriage of sorts. After ten years of being with the same person, some of the magic is inevitably lost. You have to get creative and work to spice things up. Do not forget to choose the exact clothes for your work, any formal clothing will do.

The same is true for your place of employment. If you feel you are getting too comfortable with your situation at work, make a change. Ask for a new assignment or to take on new responsibilities. Try a change of scenery by switching cubicles or working from home, if possible. Even think of a purchasing new, smart suit or stylish outfit to wear to work and catch the eye of higher-ups.

Furthermore, set goals. Envision where you would like to be, career-wise, in five years. Then, make monthly, weekly, and even daily commitments to help you reach your objectives. Begin working toward your goals and chipping away at your complacency. Soon, you will realize that your job can be much more fulfilling and satisfying when you truly have a desire to perform your daily tasks!

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