A Thanksgiving Recipe for Gratitude

dinner.jpgby David Bohl – Life Coach and Lifestyle Designer

Baste the turkey? Check. Craft a cornucopia centerpiece Martha Stewart would be proud of… check. Buy an extra place setting for Aunt Flo’s new fling. Check.

Your Thanksgiving to-do list may be complete in your eyes, but have you forgotten the purpose of the holiday in all the excitement and hubbub? This Thanksgiving, don’t lose sight of the deeper meaning behind your 20-person, eat-till-you-drop get-together: gratitude.

Whether you’re a first-time Thanksgiving host or you’ve been serving up white and dark meat for years, it’s easy to get carried away in the details lose sight of the true spirit of the day. But don’t forget that especially during the holidays, it’s important to slow down. Take time to stop and smell the pie – and be thankful for that wonderful aroma!

Slowing down at Thanksgiving means stopping to reflect upon all that life has bestowed upon you! Why not start a Thanksgiving tradition of gratitude? It can be as simple as going around the table and sharing what each person is thankful for — or taking a moment to read a special poem aloud around the dessert table.

Incorporate a meaningful routine into the peripheral hustle and bustle of the holiday. And if your creativity has already been tapped out on your other Thanksgiving projects, don’t feel the need to think of something on your own. There are many Internet resources with simple and significant ideas that can be tailored to your family’s personality. Try this website from FamilyFun.com for starters.

Lastly, if you’re having difficulty coming up with something seemingly worthy of your Thanksgiving thankfulness, make a resolution for the year to come. Work on being grateful on a daily basis for the little things in your life.

Thanksgiving doesn’t require a momentous event to attribute your appreciation to. If you try, you will find many small but precious blessings in even the most ordinary of days. Why not make a pact this Thanksgiving, to journal positive things that you are thankful for each day? By the time next Thanksgiving comes around, you will surely have a great memory book of reasons to be thankful.

Our consumerist culture often tempts us to stray from the deeper meaning behind the holiday season. If you find yourself going through the holidays on autopilot without pausing to realize their importance, try consciously slowing down. Then, do what you can to carry on the spirit of Thanksgiving year-round, being grateful each day for all that you have been given.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones from everyone at SlowDownFast.com!

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