Here’s a Method That’s Helping People To Live Their Lives Today

You’ve probably done one of those exercises where you imagine your own funeral and what people would say about you, in an effort to determine what parts of your life you might want to change now. You may have also been asked, and even thought seriously, about what you would do if you knew you only had a few months or a few days to live. I’d like to suggest an even more extreme exercise right now.

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2 Dirty Words: Discipline and Perseverance

It takes hard work and perseverance to go from overbooked and distracted, to productive and effective. We must first learn to overcome obstacles – old ways of thinking, defeatist patterns of behavior, fears and so forth. But through patient persistence and gentle guidance, people are able to discover their own unique ability to define and create ideal lives for themselves, against all odds and despite what everyone else is saying.

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