Federal Government Work-Life Balance

The Partnership for Public Service and American University’s Institute for the Study of Public Policy Implementation (ISPPI) have released the third edition of The Best Places to Work in The Federal Government 2007. Here’s the overview and the rankings.

It is interesting to note that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), that same government agency that held hearings on April 17th about work-family balance and job bias, ranked a disappointing 30th overall on the list, 11th in the subcategory of “Family Friendly Culture and Benefits”, and an unsatisfactory 27th in the class “Work/Life Balance.”

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Work-Life Balance and Productivity

Rebel Dad drew my attention to a recent study conducted by researchers at three Ontario universities that found that people whose family commitments impact on their work life are given fewer career-advancing opportunities and have poorer relationships with their superiors.

Unfortunately, in making their assumptions, the authors have misused the term “work-family balance.”

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Less Vacation Equals Less Balance

According to a Hudson Highland Group survey, many workers don’t make use of their established vacation times. The report found the following:

* 56% of employees do not use all of their vacation days (30% of those use less than 1/2 of their days).

* 20% of workers only plan on getting away for long weekends this year instead of taking a full vacation.

* 30% of employees called in sick when they were not actually ill to “play hooky.”

What accounts for this? In a word: FEAR.

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