Is Blogging on the Beach a Violation of Work-Life Balance?

That’s what Susie Wee asks over at her HP Research, Technology, & Teamwork blog.

You see, Susie is conflicted – she’s laying on a beach in sunny Hawaii, blogging away, and feeling a little bit guilty that she’s not able to “sit back, relax, and reflect.”

Susie feels that she may be rationalizing things

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Work-Life Balance Distractions “Bill Of Rights”

I came across this E-tool Bill of Rights at and wanted to share it with you:

Article 1: There shall be no assumption of unlimited e-access simply because the tools allow it. Excessive messaging shall be considered electronic littering.

Article 2: The right of the people to be secure from unwarranted electronic work intrusions at home shall not be violated. Nights and weekends shall be considered unplugged zones.

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